Friday, October 10, 2008

oh SNAP!

Is there actually a rationally thinking human amongst us who actually thought she didn't abuse her power? Is that you, Captain Obvious? I thought you looked familiar…..

On a grateful, more unanticipated note, I received a most welcomed shout-out tonight. I suppose when I normally think of a UPS driver in my area, I’m reminded of a hard working, blue collar guy. A man satisfied with a simpler way of life, as many people in this area of Maine tend to be. The kind of man you might see sitting front row at a Jeff Foxworthy HBO comedy special perhaps. I’d expect to hear country music humming from within his dependable brown truck and I’d expect to see his bottom lip protruding slightly, somewhat concealing the wad of tobacco chew that keeps him focused as the holiday shipping season begins. I’d assume he enjoys the same typical winter sports as Todd Palin, therefore he’d most likely identify with him on some fundamental level, or so I’d assume.

And just as he hands over another of my early holiday packages, he politely shifts the tobacco off to the side of his mouth and quietly asks where I found my Obama '08 sign. He tells me that they’re $8 online and maybe I know where to find them discounted? He wonders if maybe I’d know where the Democratic office is around here? I’m too bowled over with appreciation to even remember that I have an extra sign in my garage. I’m too embarrassed by the prejudices I hold against the people in my area, the very types of behavior I find so appalling in many of the opposing party’s members, but apparently prejudices that aren’t limited to one group of people at all - prejudices that exist collectively whether or not we openly admit them.

Mr. UPS, you saw the Obama ’08 sign in my window and you said to me, “I’m glad you guys are on my team.”

I don’t even know your name sir, but I will find out. And I will hand you my extra sign. And then I will shake your hand, your hard working, blue collar hand that tunes the radio dial to the local country station and tunes a snowmobile engine during the winter.

I’m glad to have you on my team too.


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On your team too!

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