Sunday, September 28, 2008

Concerning baby killers

(of which I personally have no first-hand knowledge) and concerning people who choose to take a pro-choice stance.

I received an electronic communication today calling me a baby killer.

Apparently I need to clarify any mixed messages Fundamental Fred may have about the differences between pro-choice and pro-abortion.

We, and I’m fairly confident when I speak for the collective pro-choice “we”, don’t like the idea of dead babies. I mean honestly, who does? Who actually wakes up each morning thinking “Sweet, somebody’s getting an abortion today.”? I don’t know people like that. I’m not saying there aren’t freaks out there, because there are. But generally speaking, abortions aren’t something pro-choice people wish for. The abortion itself is a small dab of black in a larger, uglier painting that most people are unwilling to see. It’s the reasons behind an abortion that are exactly the things most forward-thinking, pro-choice, liberal people are invested in putting a stop to. Things like rape, incest, or the pathetic lack of sex education to middle-school aged kids. I’m not saying rape and incest don’t happen worldwide, but it’s no wonder Europe looks at us like we’re complete assholes with our Puritanical approach to sexually educating our kids. We don’t want our pre-teenage daughters knowing the fundamentals of reproduction and self-empowerment of their own bodies and we let our seven year old daughters wear shirts adorned with Bratz dolls, who by the way look like they’re just about to climax, to school. Hello? Mixed message? Very confused and vulnerable daughter speaking.


Give me a moment.

Blood pressure’s getting a smidge high.

………..and we’re good.

A pro-choice opinion shouldn’t automatically suggest that I like the idea of abortion. It should suggest that I don’t approve of the government having ultimate control over my body. Does it imply that I would get an abortion? It shouldn’t. Because I wouldn’t. Does it imply that I’m undisturbed that abortions happen every day in my country? It shouldn’t. Because I’m not. I’m actually very disturbed.

I don’t like abortions.

I don’t want for abortions.

But in the words of Bill Clinton, “abortions ought to be safe, legal and rare.” Rare. Operative word. The entire principles of abortion should be influenced by that word. In the United States of America safe and legal should be assumed, but rare? That’s not something medical advances and a rational justice system can manage. That’s our cue as parents, teachers and keepers of all children to enter stage right and give the star performance of our careers. We teach rare. We demonstrate rare. We support and give alternatives so that rare becomes normal.

My stomach’s in knots trying to defend myself to somebody who knows nothing of my love for humans and our ability to make babies.

I don’t believe in killing babies. I believe in rare.


Blogger Belle said...

Very well written! It bothers me that people assume pro-choice means pro-abortion. I actually saw someone make the comment, in relation to Bristol Palin's pregnancy, "If one of Obama's kids got pregnant, she'd just have an abortion." I can't believe people seriously draw that kind of conclusion from the words pro-choice.

10:51 PM  
Blogger Heidi said...

You clarified well what many of use believe when we stand for Pro Choice. You have much thicker skin than I, which is why you can blog your opinions for the Freds of the world to read ....

10:38 AM  
Blogger Siuan said...

Very well said. Those are my beliefs as well. I hate that you have to defend your choices to other people. It's a sad, sad world some days.

2:22 PM  
Blogger preTzel said...

Very well written Renee but I doubt you'll get through any rabid pro - life's head the difference between rare/necessity and "you're murding a LIVING BEING! MURDERER!"

It bothers me that so many people want rights over *my* reproductive rights. If they're mine then what business is it of theirs?

5:39 PM  

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