Saturday, August 30, 2008

I have more to say

on the matter of John McCain’s VP pick, but I don’t even know where to start. I could begin with how transparently laughable a move this was, but I’m too insulted to laugh. Let me preface my gripe by saying I would’ve been over-the-moon if Hillary Clinton had been the nominee instead of Obama; I respect and admire her incredibly. But not simply because she is a woman. And although her gender makes her accomplishments all the more admirable, she is Hillary Clinton because her lifetime of achievements and capabilities define her. Not her vagina.

But apparently Sarah Palin’s vagina is going to fill the 18 million cracks in the "glass ceiling" left by Clinton’s departure. That’s one hell of a vagina. I’d pay good money to see that.

Shame on you John McCain for assuming gender is the reason for Hillary’s success. In one general sweeping motion you have painted her supporters as shallow feminist sheep, following the golden vagina off into the sunset. And Mr. McCain? Sarah Palin is no Hillary Clinton.

And secondly, you’re old. You’re 72 and have had cancer four times. You’re one misshapen skin discoloration from the casket. And you want to put an inexperienced, first-term Alaskan governor one melanoma away from the highest position in the land? You think her mad skillz as a rural town mayor is exactly what she’ll need to equip her as President of The United States? Hello? Zero Foreign Policy Experience? Sarah Palin speaking.

Smooth move Mr. Maverick. You really showed those undecided Clinton supporters exactly what’s going on in your shriveled, geriatric gray matter. And it ain’t pretty. It’s frightening.

Thanks for clinching the next Democratic president. You’re awesome that way.


Blogger mama said...

LMFAO. J and I have been laughing at his VP choice all weekend long. You were a tad bit funnier in your criticisms than we were.

I'm totally using your vagina bit later. :)

10:36 PM  

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