Sunday, October 12, 2008

It's a silent endorsement

from John McCain towards this kind of behavior.

The fundamental, religious nut-jobs can only hold back their own self-loathing, bible-fueled emotional repression and control issues so long before they explode at the real possibility of a bold black man, a strong black woman and two beautiful black girls living in the White House.

It ain't right they say.

He's an Arab they say.

Somebody needs to kill him they say.

With a hopeful victory so closely within America's grasp, the true nature of social conservatism and the fundamental Christian religion slithers its way between the feet of McCain's rally-goers and coils itself around the podium, spewing venomous hatred, bigotry and anger.

These kinds of people truly exist and will harm Barack Obama if given a hair-line crack in the window of opportunity.

The somber irony of the Right Wing Christian (actual) Rules versus much of the Right Wing Christian (actual) Behavior is a stark paradox. They'll preach it until things don't go their way. And then their bibles will close as the gut-wrenching ferocity and wrath from years of oppression will hunt you down, spit bloody rage in your face and drag you for miles behind its truck.

All in Jesus' name.


Blogger mama said...

I'm so freaking angry about this I could spit fire.

8:32 PM  

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