Thursday, May 25, 2006

Nothing worse

than slamming your baby’s head into the pavement. Yesterday, nice day, sun, tractor rides, silliness, lemonade pops. Good times. When the Boy haughtily challenged to me a game of HORSE because, well, the little shit beat me at PIG two days ago and suddenly he rules and I suck, I told him “not right now, Papoose is running around and he’ll most likely get hit with a stray basketball.” So what do I do? I wait until Papoose walks about ten feet towards the garage and nab the ball away from the Boy and lob it towards the net in an attempt to regain my standing as Supreme HORSE Butt-Kicker. But the god of gravity and all round things projectile failed to amuse me with his twisted little prank. In four cataclysmic seconds the ball completely missed the net, vaulted off the rim, hurled towards the Papoose’s head at an entirely unlikely angle, and thumped his 24ish pound body with the full force of my foot squishing a bug. He jolted forward and plummeted forehead-first onto the pavement. I can’t even begin to express the guilt and horror that instantaneously filled my chest. Of all the people who are going to cause him pain in his life, I should not be one of them.

The poor darling now sports a blue egg speckled with red scabs directly in the middle of his forehead. We planned on taking portraits of all the kids romping with all their cousins on the beach this weekend. Complete with seven matching outfits. I will forever see those pictures and wince, I’m sure of it!

Oy. Need to forgive self. Feeling like big fat stupid jerk.


Blogger Kate said...

Now, stop that. Things happen. You didn't mean it, Papoose lurves you, the gooseegg will go away soon, and, because you'll avoid missing the basket forevermore, you'll be Da Bomb at basketball from now on. ;)

But I do know the Mommy Guilt; we all do. Hugs

11:33 AM  
Blogger MomEtc. said...

I did something similar last night. Pippi has been sick and was screaming her brains out in her crib. I picked her up quickly and slammed her forehead into the open bedroom door in doing so. Then she REALLY was screaming. I felt horrible even though I knew it was an accident.

We've gotta forgive ourselves!

12:49 PM  
Blogger Momma Star said...

Boy Star has the tiniest little scar on his cheek from my vacuum.


1:09 PM  
Blogger Amanda said...

Aww!! That sucks! We've all been there. Wasn't it you several years ago who so nonchalantly stated that we all nearly kill our kids at least once? Well, consider your battle with this one over with. He's safe from now on. :)

2:51 PM  
Blogger Siuan said...

Don't feel so bad, did it go away quickly. My kid has been knocked around so much in the his nearly 18 months of life I'm sure he'll need therapy or something for the rest of his life. Between his big brother and his own clumsiness, his poor little head has been black and blue too many times to count. He wont' remember when he growns up, if that's any consolation!

7:11 PM  
Blogger lemony said...

Lemony Brother went out a window when he was 18 months old and after the broken glass sliced his neck open (requiring, oh, 20 stitches to seal shut) he plummeted straight down. I was standing RIGHTTHERE. His sock came off in my hand as his foot flew by.

His neck bears a lovely scar that he knows is there...he just doesn't care.

Your Papoose will forgive you, darlin'. He already has.


7:43 PM  
Blogger ©Jac said...

Hoping Papoose is feeling better soon! My son took a ride down our heater vent once.....

11:16 PM  

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