Saturday, May 20, 2006

Hmm? What? You want to come with?

Uh-uh Mister, you’re on papoose patrol today and Mama’s exiting stage left.

After much putzing around this morning, which included cleaning the house for yet another potential buyer who suddenly decided to re-schedule for next week some time, I felt the aggravation of another “just in case” total house makeover wearing on me. Sure, no problem, really, I SWEAR. I only have a ginormous house and three messy children to pick up after. You take your time, k? Just give me at least an hour’s notice before descending upon me so I can just tuck the comforters under and swiffer the hardwood real quick like. It’ll just take me a sec, k? Fuckers. I had to get away from the house. The house that I’d been imprisoned in (Southern New England sent a week’s worth of cloudburst in my direction) for the last five days with a two foot tall incarnate of the beastly Diablo himself. Complete with a convincingly enchanting grin, scrumptiously plump thighs, and big brown eyes that dupe even the cleverest of parents. Suffice it to say this week has been a total pisser. Today? I HAD to get out. Without the wee one and his teeth that won’t teethe.

“Honey, since we’re no longer showing the house today, I’m going to take the Girl to the city-wide garage sale.” He thinks on this and replies “Why don’t we all go? I’d prefer to not be stuck at home with the baby.” Upon hearing this I slowly lowered my head until my glare came from beneath the cover of my bangs and I channeled that creepy
Samara stare. He got it. Sort of.

I spent five hours, FIVE hours, with my giddy Girl pacing from one garage full of junk to the next. We haggled our way through orange crock pots, $5 all-u-can-stuff bags of clothing, and Technotronic cd’s that persuaded me to uncontrollably pump up the jam. We hesitated as to what would best befit our dining room table; a cracked plastic vase of fake pansies or a dusty chicory centerpiece. She found more Barbie-dolls that will eventually become prototypes for the latest hair cut, and I found two wicked cute pairs of gap cords.

In the rain even.


Blogger mama said...

YES!!! Glad you had a good break. The rain has been relentless here as well and driving me batty enough to want to take a quick 4 hour jaunt to visit the Mother in-law. Pure insanity.

6:54 PM  

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