Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Talkin'bout me.

I've been given this tasty glass of Lemonade on this warm spring morning.

“Three Things MeMe. The three things are supposed to be things that you would like to see occur in your lifetime--serious or silly or sentimental, leaving out Peace In Our Lifetime, Cure for Cancer, all the standard stuff."

I didn’t always recycle; in fact I used to reserve recycling for aluminum cans only. I’m so ashamed that recycling fell relatively short on my list of very important things to do. It was my brother-in-law’s very disappointed facial expression that was the proverbial wake-up call to recycle. He once asked me where to put the cardboard for recycling and I casually said I didn’t bother. I could tell it really troubled him. That was a year ago and since then I’ve been almost neurotic about reusing/recycling garbage that doesn’t decompose, save disposable diapers. I do feel dreadfully guilty over generating such a massive heap of plastic crap sandwiches on a daily basis but I’m not willing to use cloth diapers. Hypocritical? Yes. Okay back to making this about others’ shortcomings. I wish recycling was not only a moral responsibility but a legal responsibility as well.

I wish compost piles would halve your property taxes. The bigger the pile of deliciously smelly rot you’ve got, the less you have to pay to park your house.

I wish for an Uhmerkin boob revolution. If only we could adopt the very healthy European outlook on the function and purpose of breasts. How relaxing and refreshing it would be to nurse my baby at the park without feeling dirty and pornographic. How civilized it would feel to nurse my child in the restaurant chair as opposed to on the ladies’ room toilet. In my lifetime I’d like to feel less censorship on my chest and what I choose to do with it. They’re just boobs people.

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