Wednesday, March 15, 2006

another letter to the editor sent

What will it take? How many more thousands of lives must be lost for one man’s madness? The Iraqi death toll, although hard to accurately determine, is widely believed to be rapidly approaching 100,000. The Coalition death toll has broken 2,500. How many more billions of hard-earned dollars do you plan on throwing towards this dangerous little game of chess? As it stands today, the current cost of the war is $247,714,285,116. Wow, imagine the enriching programs our public schools could have put that money towards. Imagine how much farther along cancer research could be had that money been allocated to those programs. Imagine how secure our borders and ports could be if that money had been used for training and material. Those Republicans intelligent enough to realize what a staggering disgrace the Bush administration truly is, are either too proud to eat crow or too ashamed to stand up for what is right. As for the Democrats? I’m utterly embittered with their inabilities to grow backbones. For the love of puppies, what is wrong with these people? Why are they not bellowing for the impeachment of Bush? Am I to assume that approval ratings in the low 30’s still aren’t proof enough? Am I to assume that we must wait until Bush’s ratings are lower than Nixon’s before somebody, anybody, takes action? We’re nothing more than a country led by rogue criminals at this point. But of course we can’t forget The War On Terror! Keep ‘em scared, keep ‘em afraid. We’ll protect you and hunt down the baddies, smoke ‘em out of their foxholes. Excuse me while I vomit. You have done no such thing Mr. President. You scared us into war under a guise that concealed your own agenda, you weaseled your way into the spirits of good people with your plain talking, average Joe approach. You feasted on peoples’ fears and created a false sense of security. You’ve broken promises, retracted contracts and bullied your way through the U.N. Why shouldn’t you be impeached Mr. President? What have you done that is worthy of remaining the leader of the free world? *crickets chirping*

I think the 51% who voted for Bush based largely on the pro-life issue are seeing the gravity of their mistake. For the love of sanity I hope so. There’s a bigger picture here folks. Bigger than abortion, bigger than left-wing, right-wing, welfare funding, rising oil prices, environmental preservation, bird flu, and tax cuts. This is a predicament of epic proportions and the first step towards the light at the end of this very dark tunnel is to remove the leader who has apparently lost his map. And his brains.

Listen to your free-thinking minds. Take action.


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