Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Every now and then we stumble across products and/or combinations of products that prove too good not to share. I found such a thing in the wee hours this morning as my tired eyes begged to be shut. However midnight this morning/last night was the official release of Halo 3 and for those of you who understand this, well, no further explanation necessary. I wanted to stay up like a big girl and watch the wondrousness unfold. I needed caffeine.

Enter chocolate.

Ordinarily chocolate eaten alone is marvelous in its own right, but when you’ve got a pound of tamari almonds happy dancing in your snack cupboard? Rapture.

I was a two-fisted cyclone of spontaneous mouthgasms and uncontrollable convulsions. It was just that good. Funny, I can't much recall the actual video game. I can only vaguely remember my Husband gingerly prying the packaging from my swollen fingers and tucking me into bed after coaxing me to drink five tall glasses of water. Curious.

For any of my pals who may have converted their families to a vegetarian diet: tamari is a delicious soy sauce!


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