Monday, September 25, 2006

My 100th blog entry

100 Things That Make Me Happy

1. hazelnut coffee with heavy cream
2. any beatle’s song
3. who wants to be a millionaire marathons on gsn
4. a french pedicure
5. a big bag of buttered movie popcorn with a large coke
6. the relief that follows a good cry
7. shadow the hedgehog
8. smelling the baby right after he’s had a bath
9. a really funny bumper sticker
10. drunken handstands
11. a slice of garden vegetable jack cheese on a sociable cracker
12. my hair, the day after I wash it
13. motherhood
14. a sexy, supportive bra
15. a sale at the gap
16. a vase of lilacs in every room
17. a full tank of gas
18. any book written by charles de lint
19. gay marriage
20. naps
21. a pb&j sandwich chased by a cold glass of milk
22. gossiping on the phone with my sister
23. fried cheese
24. tickling my husband as he orders at the drive-thru window
25. school pictures
26. still pretending santa claus exists
27. june sunsets at 9:00 pm
28. waking up to soledad o’brien
29. the lord of the rings trilogy
30. swinging really high
31. decorating for halloween
32. vacuuming the inside of my van
33. how it’s made on the discovery channel
34. writing letters to the editor
35. towel warmers
36. the mavora lakes region of new zealand
37. drinking wine on an airplane
38. footprints on the beach
39. a clean kitchen
40. being an auntie
41. personal space
42. bill clinton
43. dancing with my baby to cat stevens
44. laughing until mascara runs down my face
45. watching my husband and his brother just be brothers
46. aimless road trips
47. baklava
48. having money in the savings account
49. letters from faraway friends
50. my father’s consistent nature
51. flip-flops
52. the day my brother came home from iraq alive
53. dodgeball
54. digging in the dirt
55. high speed internet
56. new england in september
57. parent/teacher conferences
58. not caring that lonelygirl15 is fake
59. teaching my son algebra
60. having a friendship with my daughter’s father
61. sirius satellite
62. shepherd’s pie
63. not knowing what I’m getting for christmas
64. long, thought provoking phone conversations with my mother
65. listening to my grandmother talk to me in french
66. alphie and bidou jokes
67. rubbing my daughter’s back at bedtime
68. shoe shopping
69. birthdays
70. maya angelou
71. baby wipes
72. not missing the bus
73. teasing my kids
74. greenish bananas
75. band geeks
76. poland spring water
77. snowplows at 4:00 am
78. glendowie, auckland
79. having step-parents and step-siblings
80. lip liner
81. night class
82. eric clapton
83. having friendly neighbors
84. garage sales
85. trampolines
86. thinking back to my childhood
87. the wiggles
88. the barber shop
89. picking my kids up from school and hugging them
90. good health insurance
91. being a reassuring friend
92. boy shorts
93. hot air balloons
94. leaves crunching beneath my feet
95. solitaire
96. camping with my kids
97. eating carrots right out of the garden
98. liberalism
99. holding him in the dark and knowing I’ll grow old in his arms
100. anti-aging lotion


Blogger Jennifer said...

Congratulations on your 100th blog entry!!! :)

Hope you are well!

2:39 PM  
Blogger jouette said...

how cool! love your list.
congrats on your 100th :)

10:47 PM  
Blogger Amanda said...

Yay for drunken handstands!

9:45 AM  

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