Friday, February 17, 2006

Chick peas and tahini.

So I’m rummaging through the fridge for an after-school snack and I happen upon my brother-in-law’s leftover hummus.

Me: You want to try Uncle Gary’s hummus?

Girl: No. WAY. I don’t trust anything Uncle Gary eats.

I don’t blame her really. The pickled egg incident leaving her so recently traumatized and all.

Boy: What is it?

The boy is usually a more adventurous eater although he won’t touch spinach, ham, or shrimp for all the candy in the cupboard. The girl will, on occasion, buck up and try something new if a bribe of chocolate has been made.

Me: It’s a tasty dip.

Boy: Like ranch?

Me: Just like ranch.

Girl: Don’t do it.

The boy agrees to try it and steadies himself for a spoonful of the mealy auburn paste.

Boy: BLECCCHHHhhhhhhh! (hovering over the garbage can horking and spitting)

Girl: I told you.

Boy: It tastes like grass. (feverishly scraping his tongue)

Oh well. I suppose that’s just one more suppressed memory for him to bring up in therapy twenty years from now.


Blogger CDR said...

Grass? What kind of hummus is that?

Mmm. Hummus. And it's noon here. Lunch!

3:08 PM  
Blogger Imzadi said...

My kids love hummus. But that's because I expose them to all sorts of food.


Well they do like hummus but then again they are weird like their Mumma.

1:22 PM  
Blogger lemony said...

She said Mumma. Somebody is spending too much time online with citrus fruit. ;)

I love hummus. I'll be there for lunch tomorrow...I'll bring the pita and the lattes.


2:16 AM  
Blogger jouette said...

lol, that was cute. I love hummus, I get the big Costco tub, my older dds love it too, but not the little ones who can only say "eewww" about anything other than a flipping chicken nugget lately *eyeroll*

12:27 PM  

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