Monday, December 31, 2007

Tonight I'm squeezing into the booty jeans

pushing the girls front and center, and curling my hair until it’s all big and bouncy. Why would I do this you ask? Because I’m ringing in the New Year with colorful style and in my heart of hearts, I’m still a flygirl of the 90’s. Bigger is always better and green eyeliner never hurt nobody nohow. I’ll be primping myself in front of the mirror alongside my sister – who is more of an eternal Jennifer Aniston minus the pleats and suspenders.

So in the words of the wise Willy Wonka: “Goodbye, Mrs. Gloop. Adieu! Auf wiedersehen! Gesundheit. Farewell.”

See you in the morning. And try not to make a lot of noise.

A peaceful and prosperous 2008 to you!


Blogger mama said...

hope you girls didn't hurt anyone and still managed more fun than is allowed. :-)

i brought in the new year with John and Kate plus 8 with my husband and Sydney.

okay...we didn't bring in any year much less a new one with our passing out at 10:30 pm. but we did try and even drank some sparkling grape. :-)

9:31 AM  
Blogger lemony said...

Happy New Year, baby. I love you. I wish you love and joy and a beautiful new home much further south. You know, much closer to me. Where I can visit you frequently. So frequently you'll want to move north again.


8:16 PM  
Blogger ar said...

Jennifer Aniston truly is my muse; although most days my hair more closely resembles that of a hobbit.

1:24 PM  

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