Thursday, April 24, 2008

Because I'm all about

uniting the Democratic party (although I’m probably more of a Libertarian than I care to admit), I’ll lend my support to whomever ends up with the nominee in hand. Despite the fact that I’m pulling for an Obama/Clinton dream ticket I’ll be just as optimistic with a Clinton/Obama ticket.

Well, almost as optimistic.

I have a niggling fear of Hillary Clinton being the presidential nominee. And it has little to do with my own personal views on her political accomplishments or baggage. I find her incredibly dynamic, inspiring, fearless and capable. And I secretly think she’s had Bill in her back pocket for years, despite all the criticism she’s received for “standing by her man.” Girlfriend isn’t stupid.

My fears aren’t about how I view her. It’s about how others view her. I get the distinct impression that many people either like her very much or despise her. I understand the whole “like her very much” opinion because as I mentioned, I find her very likeable. It’s the whole not liking her bit. Some people simply will not head to the polls if she’s the nominee because they don’t like her. And yet they can’t really explain to me why they don’t like her. They just don’t. And for that simple fact, I think Obama is more elect-able against McCain.

Is it an educated dislike of Hillary Clinton or just a general dislike of her corporate helmet hair? Are people startled by her slightly bulging eyes? Her over-use of pant suits? (Hello? We don’t need Hilz to pull a Britney y’all – the pants suit is your friend.) Why do so many people I’ve spoken to vehemently oppose her?

I can’t figure it out.

Yes, she’s elite and yes, she’s as much a politician as Limbaugh is a greasy, pill-popping, hypocrite. But she’s a strongly-inspired woman, mother and leader. The fact that she’s birthed and raised a child speaks volumes to me. If mothers ruled the world there’d be no war because mothers don’t send their children off to kill other mothers’ children. I have zero doubts that she’ll have our troops on their front lawns before her first term is over and this ethereal War on Terror will have less of panicked-stricken effect on the blinder-clad masses.

And? We’ll have our focus back to the business at hand – alternate fuels, tax monies being pumped back into our public schools and nurturing early childhood education programs, and finding creative ways to reduce, reuse and recycle our way back to an actual Super Power that sets an example. Instead of a Super Power that sets its 280 lb ass into another SUV while noshing down a super-sized value meal.

All that having been said, I’m still an Obama supporter first. I believe his message of hope is one that’s been desperately needed for years. His lack of political experience bears little significance because it isn’t up to one man or woman. It’s up to us: small, grassroots efforts with a bit of hope in the back pocket. I believe he’ll inspire a wave of these kinds of efforts and because I know from personal experience – being part of a grassroots movement inspires in a way that can’t be explained. Volunteering with MoveOn in 2004 made me proud to be an American citizen working towards change, and that’s something I hadn’t felt in years.

Since the Clinton years actually.



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